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About Us

Oakdale Memorial Gardens is proud to be a not-for-profit organiz-

ation. We give back to the community by offering free burials to

family's whose babies have passed. So they do not have the finan-

cial burden along with the terrible heart ache. 

Oakdale Memorial Gardens has a section of its cemetery,

Babyland, dedicated to early infant loss and buries any early infant

at no cost to the family. “We understand the hardship that these

families are going through and don’t want to make it harder for them to give their children a proper burial. We do all we can to ensure anyone and everyone can be buried,” says Oakdale’s Office Manager Deb Williams.


Once a year Genesis Spiritual Care and Oakdale Memorial Gardens hosts Open Arms, an annual remembrance service for families who have experienced a miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant loss. The service takes place inside the Public Mausoleum on a Saturday in early October at Oakdale Memorial Gardens. Following the service, there will be a graveside remembrance at Oakdale’s Babyland. A burial will honor early infant loss.

Baby Holding Parent

Looking Toward the Future

As much as Oakdale Memorial Gardens is a place of rememberance, it also is a place of promise.


It will be here for future generations to carry on the stories and tributes to those who lie within, and for those who one day may choose Oakdale Memorial Gardens as their own final resting place, so that loved ones can come to honor and share special memories about them.


As stewards of this promise, the Friends of Oakdale Memorial Gardens continuously strive to ensure the beauty of the grounds is maintained for every visitor – whether the visitor is studying history, honoring a loved one, or merely seeking a peaceful respite from everyday challenges.


The Friends encourage all community members to support this work through contributions to the Friends of Oakdale Memorial Gardens Endowment and also throught the Oakdael Perpetual Care Endowment. This fund supports today’s constant ongoing needs, such as roads, tree trimming, repairs, and general manaintance for the Gardens. This fund will be a permenant source of support for the Gardens to ensure the mission and vision endures for future generations.


The Friends of Oakdale Memorial Gardens Endowment was estalbished with the Quad City Community Foundation to provide independent stewardship.


 People are our greatest resource and we are always in need of your financial help as well. Please       consider a donation to this important fund. Your gift will be greatly appreciated and is always                                                                                           much needed.


                                                                               To donate go to                                                                                 and type Friends of Oakdale Memorial Gardens                                                                                         Endowment into the search bar. Or checks should                                                                                     be made out to "Quad Cities Community                                                                                                   Foundation" with the name of the fund in the note                                                                                   section of the check and delivered to: Quad Cities                                                                                     Community Foundation, 852 Middle Road, Suite 100                                                                                 Bettendorf, IA 52722.


Board Members

President - Darrell Iossi*

Vice President/Treasurer - Deborah Williams

Secretary - Toni Parr

Preneed Fund Trustees - David Cribbs* and Terry Sullivan*

Perpetual Care Fund Trustees - Ghasoub Harb, MD* and Robert Ward, DC*

Volunteers - Joan Finkenhoefer*

*Denotes voluntary position – no compensation

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