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Pre-planning enables you or your loved ones to lock in today's prices and not have to worry about the burden of costs or decisions at the time of death. We offer pre-planning for the right of interment, the memorial, and the opening and closing of a right of interment or niche. 

We offer a variety of options to memorialize your loved ones on our grounds. From headstones to bricks in a sidewalk to flowers or Veterans markers. 

Burial options begin with deciding to have a traditional burial or a cremation burial. We have options at every price range for both that are either in our historic Public Mausoleum or throughout our 78 acre grounds. 

We provide private or mass pet cremations for your furry friend and prices are dependent upon the weight of the pet. We also offer a good selection of urns for your pet's cremains in our office if you would like to purchase one. 

Our Petland is a three acre area for the burial of pets. There are different options to fit every budget. This can include customized headstones for your pet. As well as knowing that your furry friend will always be here and having a calming environment to visit them in. 

In our shop we offer a variety of floral options, that change depending on the season, which we will place on a loved one's grave for you. We will do the same for the Veteran grave markers. You may also leave a donation for us through the shop. 

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