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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Interment Right?

Memorial Candle

An Interment Right or right of interment is the purchase of a right to be buried and/or place a memorial marker in a given location.  Commonly referred to a grave space.  It is not a property purchase of any kind. An Interment Right must be purchased for each person to be buried or listed on memorial marker.

What is a grave liner or vault?

Commonly referred to as an outer burial container on contracts. The casket is placed into a grave liner or vault prior to burial.  The purpose is to prevent the grave from collapsing over time and ease the maintenance cost of the cemetery. Grave liners are basic concrete boxes to support the earth around the casket.  Grave liners have drainage holes in bottom and no seals.  We offer grave liners with no bottom for personal beliefs.  

Vaults  are concrete boxes with additional polystyrene liners in side with seals between lid and the box.  Some come with stainless steel interior, as well as bronze and copper.  Grave liners and vaults are not intended to preserve the body.

Is a grave liner or vault required?

While it is not required by law, it is required in Oakdale Memorial Gardens and most other cemeteries to have at least a grave liner.  It helps prevent settling of the grave reducing maintenance cost.

What is Perpetual Care?

Perpetual Care is an agreement to maintain the grounds of the cemetery into perpetuity.  A portion of the Interments Rights cost is placed into an irrevocable trust fund and the interest is used to help with the cost of maintenance expense.  Perpetual Care in Iowa is required to have 20% or a minimum of $50.00 deposited per Interment Right.  An annual report is filed with the Iowa Insurance Division.  Not all cemeteries are Perpetual Care and some have an additional care fund for memorial markers.

Oakdale Memorial Gardens is a Perpetual Care Cemetery, however for maintenance of grounds only and not for memorial markers.

Can more than one person be buried in the same grave?

Depending on the type of burial, location, and agreement when the Interment Right is purchased.  Two people can be buried in same location if the following applies:

1:  Both are cremated and buried in a traditional casket area.

2:  One can be cremated an placed on top of casket if casket is buried first. One can be cremated and placed inside a casket prior to burial of casket.

3:  Cremation niche will allow two urns but restrictive in size.

In any option, an Interment Right must be purchased for each person and be agreed between family and cemetery prior to burial.  Memorial markers will be restricted in size and must include names of all who are buried there.  Only one memorial marker is allowed per site location.

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