Monuments, markers and memorials

Life's duration, whether few or many years, establishes a character identity unique to the one you love. An identity that continues in memory after death. Achieving enduring memorials to honor your loved one is our life's work and we welcome the opportunity to assist you in the selection that is precisely right for those whose memory you wish to perpetuate. Call us or come in so we can discuss your options, and show you a wide selection of memorials that will achieve your goal, beautifully and endearingly.

Grave Adornment Policy

Oakdale Memorial Gardens asks that lot owners, family, and friends kindly adhere to the following policies concerning the placement of flowers and /or other grave decorations:

1. We ask that only live or silk arrangements be used.  Plastic flowers are not allowed, for if a mower were to hit them, they become a projectile and are very dangerous to people close by.

2. We ask that all flowers placed at a grave site for the spring and summer seasons be in an approved container.  This would be a permanent vase (a display is in the office for your convenience, although you are not required to purchase it from us).  We ask that you not use any tin cans, glass bottles or vases, statuary, crockery, vigil lights, ornaments, Styrofoam, plastic, or wire items.  These items can be very dangerous and are a maintenance hazard.

3. For holidays or special occasions, we do allow special arrangements to be placed on graves that may not meet our policies.  We can allow these arrangements to be left on the graves for three days, then they will need to be picked up.  Please notify the office before placing such arrangements so we know the date you placed them and we won’t remove them.

4. For those people who have a very limited income, we do have special options.  Check with the office for details on these options.

5. During the winter season, we welcome artificial wreaths. No fresh or live greens are allowed. 

It is not our intention to keep people from placing flowers on graves.  

It is our intention to keep Oakdale Memorial Gardens beautiful and enjoyable for all people.  Our flower and grave decoration policies are there to keep the grounds maintainable and as pleasant looking as possible.

Spring flowers are here!

Cemetery Clean-Up

Fall clean-up starts October 15th thru November 1st.  If you have grave decorations, you would like to keep, please remove them by the October 15th
Spring clean-up starts March 15th thru April 1st please remove all grave decorations you would like to keep by March 15th.


Veteran's Flag Holders

Flag holders are available for veterans. The holders are $10 each and can be placed at a specific veteran's grave or donated to be placed at any veteran's grave in the cemetery. Call or stop by the office for more information or to purchase a flag holder.

Find a home or family. ​​

Over 25,000 people have decided to make Oakdale their eternal home and the cemetery can accommodate 
another 25,000. We would love to help you find friends or family that may be here or help you find 
your final place. 

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