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Love of Animals Petland

As you pass through the gates of Oakdale Memorial Gardens, Inc. you enter into a place of peace

and tranquility. A place to remember those we love. 

The late Sandy Weerts had a vision to bring the same feeling of peace for those who have lost a family pet and companion in death. 

Oakdale Memorial Gardens, Inc. has honored her with a lovely garden set aside to commemorate the lives of our dear family pets. It's called "Love of Animals" Petland. Here among the flowers, Oak trees and rare dwarf conifers, we are able to bury your pet with honor and dignity. 

When you visit, the granite stone benches in the brick common offer a beautiful setting where you can sit and reflect on the life of your pet and the unconditional love they displayed for you. 


All types and sizes of family pets are accepted at Petland. Burial areas have been planned for everything from individual pet spaces to complete family estates. Each grave is given a permanent marker to memorialize your pet's final resting place. All vital records are kept safe in the cemetery office and perpetual care is established. 

Additional Petland services include pet removal, cremation, pet caskets, urns, and funeral interment programs. You can be assured that all of these services are performed with the utmost respect and care.

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Pet Burial Prices

$150 for Mass Burial 

Burial is in an unmarked grave. No marker or casket you just know the your pet is somewhere safe.

$676.11 to $1,284.75 Sidewalk Section

Includes a grave space, opening & closing of the grave, a casket and grave marker.


$1,548.40 - $3,636.56 Garden Section

Is landscaped with planting beds of dwarf conifers, red brick sidewalk, bronze and granite monolith with a poem to our furry friends and the prayer to St. Francis on it and two granite benches. Includes a grave space, opening & closing of the grave, a casket and bronze grave marker with a granite base.  

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